Promotion for the Inauguration of our Bluecaps Website

This promotion is applied to all purchases of CDs and individual tracks in mp3 format and of CDs in physical format on the Bluecaps website.

Digital Purchases

Digital Purchases refers to the acquisition of CDs and/or individual tracks in the mp3 format. The deliveries are immediate once the checkout has been completed. For the purchase of 1 (one) CD in digital format, automatically you will be eligible for one free track of your choice. For the purchase of 10 (ten) individual tracks, not included in the same CD, you will also be eligible for one free track of your choice. The individual tracks should be selected from different albums, thereby creating a CD with tracks of your preference.

Physical Purchase

Physical Purchases refers to the acquisition of CDs in the original format. The delivery is not immediate, but is subjected to shipping time from the company responsible. For the purchase of 6 (six) CDs, you will be automatically eligible for 1 (one) free CD of you preference.

Free CDs and Individual Tracks

To receive your free CD or track (depending your purchase) of your preference, you should complete the “Comments” form during Checkout at the bottom of the page indicating in writing the CD or track of your preference. Your selection will be included in your purchase, totally free. If you have any question about the process, please click here.