Duplication of CD and DVD

Our CD and DVD duplication service is performed through the Multicopier and  Printing of the disc; this minimum requirements for this services starts at 100 units,  for both CD and DVD.

The delivery time varied depending on the quantity. The minimum delivery time is of 48 hours.

For both the CD duplication service and the DVD duplication service, the production process are the following:

  • Master Verification
  • Duplication of CD or DVD
  • Verification of the Duplication with CD Master.
  • Disc Printing
  • Verification of Disc
  • Packaging Insertion and Final Verification
  • Cellophane Wrapping and Heat Sealing

The above process certifies the quality of the discs, both in its content and its printing, generating a stamp of confidence for our clients.

The system of CD and DVD Duplication and Printing is 100% OPERACIONAL under any existent operating system to date.