Packaging of CD and DVD

Blue Caps offers you an ample variety of packaging for your products. We invite you to select the one that most identify with your company and/or product.

Jewel Box

The Jewel Box is the traditional CD box; it is the most utilized in audio discs.  It can also carry a cover o booklet in its interior.



Slim Black Jewel Box

The Slim Black Jewel Box is an excellent selection to reduce cost and to save space, due to its slim design and the possibility of using it without a printed cover, owed to its transparent cover case permitting a clear view of disc design.




Paper Sleeve with Transparent Window

The Paper Sleeve with Transparent Window is a ideal selection to attach it to a book or magazine. It is also an excellent choice for packaging, due to its low cost. 


Paper Sleeve without Window

The Paper Sleeve with Transparent Window is a second option in economical packaging, to be used in books, magazines, or in any other type of support.




Simple DVD Case

The simple DVD case is ideal to present your product in a rigid and secure holder, which permits the insertion of a laminated cover in the exterior and a booklet in its interior.


Double DVD Case

The double DVD case is differentiated by its possibility of packing 2 discs in each case, providing the same characteristics as the simple DVD case only reducing the cost per DVD.




Full Color  Triplex Carton Double CD Case

The full color triplex carton double cd case is a personalized container, a little outside the standard CD format, it has a capacity to carry 2 discs, the printing on it is of full color, and it has glossy or matte finishing. One of the advantages of it has is that it occupies very little space in comparison with other usual cases for CDs. The minimum run for this type of cases is of 500 units onwards.


Additionally we count on other options of packaging, which are of limited stock. We recommend that you ask us of our other options.