Blue Caps Digital, Recording Studio

Professional recording studio located in Asuncion (Centro) with all the necessary equipment and personal for your musical project.

We have the best audio systems, various exceptional microphones, previews, compressors, and analogical mixers, all configured to offer you a flexible and high-quality service.

Our rooms are acoustically prepared; the studio is relaxing, creative, and professional environment where you will have all to carry out your project. Our prices are very competitive and we can adjust according to your budget.

We also have an ample catalog of studio musicians, producers, and audio professionals to cover your requirements.

Our Suites

The acoustically treated and isolated recording booth offers a clean distributed sound in an ample space so that you may play comfortably.

So much as the recording studio and control room have been designed by an architect specializing in studios, employing acoustic panels achieving in this manner the necessary critical and ideal conditions for hearing and for recording.

Other Commodities

  • Relaxation room away from the studio with ample garden.
  • Grill available for barbecues.
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning


The recording studio is located in the heart of Centro in the city of Asuncion, Palma 938 between Montevideo and Colon, surrounded by the best hotels and restaurants of the city.

Reservations and Questions:

Telephones: 595-21-491-035 / 595 981-566-030


This following is a list of services that we offer, if you do not find what you are looking for in the list, please contact us we would try to help you.

  • Digital Mult-track Recording and Editing
  • Digital and Analogical Music Mixing
  • Integral Music Production for bands and soloist, with complete consulting.
  • Publicity, Jingles, Spots, Radio Ads
  • Voiceovers and Audio Books
  • Large catalog of session musicians and producers available for you project.

We offer you our studio, our expertise, and all our dedication to obtain from your project the best possible end-product. Let’s enjoy making music, we love what we do, and we always like our clients to be pleased with the final results.

We dedicate ourselves primarily to the recording and mixing of music for either soloist or complete musical bands.

We can adapt to whatever situation, whether working with a record and a producer, or directly with the ideas of the artist.


Our prices are fairly accessible, for lengthy duration recording we offer special packages, please consult us about these packages.

Price for 1 Hour: Gs. 60,000 + IVA

Price for half a day or half an afternoon (4 hours): Gs. 200,000 + IVA

Price for Entire Day (8 hours): Gs. 400,000 + IVA